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Real Estate Attorney Portland, ORReal estate law encompasses more than just buying and selling property. It is also widely used to settle property disputes, tax issues, easement disputes, and any other issue related to property ownership. Even though a real estate attorney is not needed for buying or purchasing a property in Oregon, there are still many reasons why hiring an attorney can be a very smart move.

The first thing that in attorney will bring to the table that someone like a realtor cannot bring is the ability to review the offer and contract to make sure that your rights are protected. Furthermore, a real estate attorney can check the title report that comes with the property and make sure that there aren’t any surprises there as well. In some cases, there has been large discrepancies over the property lines and or zoning that someone well-versed in real estate law would only be able to pick up.

Even if the other part has an attorney, you need to make sure that you have one as well. No matter how well-intentioned both parties are, there are so many different angles to look at when purchasing a property.

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in most cases, buying or selling real estate can be one of the largest financial transactions most people or businesses will be involved with. It is during this time that many important steps need to be completed in order for the transaction to go smoothly for both parties. Along with getting the deed correctly vested, your attorney will make sure that the real estate contract, often prepared by the sellers agent, is done correctly  protects you as the buyer.

Real Estate AttorneyThere are so many cases where only a trained real estate attorney would be able to pick up the subtle problems that arise frequently in real estate transactions. It is because of this, that regardless of who you choose to use, that you have somebody well-versed in real estate law take a look at your contract. While most real estate agents mean well, they do not have the knowledge to accurately assess contracts and/or title reports to the same degree as a real estate attorney.

While we mostly deal with commercial real estate, we deal also with residential, agricultural, and other types of real property. From reviewing to closing the transaction, we are there through the whole process. Our clients always remark at how well we hold their hands through some of the difficult parts of a transaction. There are times when either the seller, buyer, or both will make the real estate transaction more difficult than it has to be. This is what it is nice to have an independent third-party representing both sides. This enables us to navigate somewhat tricky situations.

Using An Attorney To Lease Property and Oregon

In most cases, the owner of the property that you are looking to rent for your business or yourself will have a real estate attorney involved. It is because of this, that we always recommend that you have an attorney as well. The attorney representing the owner will do his or her best to represent his clients needs without regards to yours. This speaks in no way against the opposing attorney, as this is his job and doing anything less would put him in breach of contract.

LawyerPlease do not be fooled that there is a standard Oregon commercial lease form. An attorney at some point prepared this legally binding document to fit the needs of the owner of the building. Because of the complexity and fine print, skipping the use of an attorney makes potential issues on a lease easy to miss. Such things like rent increases or liability transfers can be easily hidden within the contract if a person doesn’t know what they’re looking for.

If you are the owner of a property, you have even more of a recent hired attorney to make sure that your lease agreement clearly defines the rights of the tenant and the landlord. Again, this is something that needs to be looked at very closely and made sure that you are in compliance with local state and county laws. Organ can be a very fair place to own and operate commercial property, but you should be aware of some of the subtle details that are specific to Oregon.

We represent both landlords and tenants and have over 15 years of experience dealing with commercial leases. There are very few industries that we have not helped lease property to or from. Our firm also assist clients in lease assignments and subleases.

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